of Literature and Art

ISSN: 2545-4277

4.2 (2020)


Editors' Note

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our journal as well and we were unable to publish Issue 4.1 as planned in May 2020. For that reason, we have now published slightly shorter two issues in December 2020: 

Issue 4.1 contains three articles and one art exhibition review;

Issue 4.2 contains three articles and a book review.

We are extremely grateful for the commitment of our authors, reviewers, and editors during this unprecedented time. We would also like to thank all our readers for their patience and understanding. This year has been extremely challenging for everyone. However, we did our best to maintain our continuity of two issues per year, despite the delay. We hope to have the next issue out in May 2021.

You can find all our back issues including the last two for 2020 on the following link: