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ISSN: 2545-4277

3.2 (2019)


Маус на македонски

Румена Бужаровска

This paper concerns the first and only translation of Maus into Macedonian, published in 2018. In order to analyze the Macedonian rendition of the language of Vladek Spiegelman, which is of essential importance for any translation of this text, the paper first discusses major issues concerning Maus, such as its representation of the Holocaust and its trauma as well as the complexity of the graphic novel’s genre with the purpose of understanding and emphasizing the significance of Vladek’s broken English. The paper further discusses other translations of Maus before shedding light on the shortcomings of the Macedonian translation. 


Keywords: Maus, Spiegelman, translation, Macedonian, Holocaust, trauma, authenticity, language

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