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ISSN: 2545-4277

3.1 (2019)


Someone Else's Story as Your Own

Vesna Mojsova Chepishevska

“Translated children’s books offer children a chance to read literature from other countries, literature that talks about different experiences, ways of life, cultural models. Consequently, that different culture stops being impalpable and incomprehensible and it becomes normal and as much valuable as one’s own” (Todorova, 2012: 21). This idea was an incentive to share my thoughts on the two books the children now have the opportunity to read in the Macedonian language. The books are Glass Children (Skopje: Tri, 2018) by the Swedish author Kristina Ohlsson translated by Ivica Chelikovikj and Nothing (Skopje: Publisher, 2019) by the Danish author Janne Teller translated by Lara Krsteva-Ichokaeva.


Keywords: intimate autobiography, Christianity, mythology, correlations.children’s book, foreign/one’s own culture